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lunacm Commands

The LunaCM utility (lunacm) is the Client-side administrative command interface for Luna HSMs.

Previously, lunacm's reach was confined to locally connected Luna HSMs - either an installed Luna PCI-E 5.x (K6 HSM card), or a USB-connected Luna G5 HSM. From Luna HSM 5.2 onward, lunacm is now able to interact and perform operations on distantly located Luna HSM appliances (Luna SA).

Open a Command Prompt or console window.

Go to the LunaClient software directory and start the lunacm utility.


c:\ cd c:\Program Files\SafeNet\LunaClient

c:\Program Files\SafeNet\LunaClient\> lunacm

Linux and Solaris

> cd /usr/safenet/lunaclient/bin


General Operation

Some preliminary status information appears, followed by the LunaCM command-line prompt.

You can now issue any lunacm utility command, to manage your Luna HSM.
For a summary, type "help" and press [Enter].

lunacm:> help
The following commands are available:

Command       Short Description
exit e Exits this utility
help he Displays this information
hsm hs HSM commands
partition par Partition Commands
appid a Manage Application IDs
slot s Manage the active slot number
file f File commands (for backup)
ped p Remote PED commands
srk r Secure Recovery commands
haGroup ha High Availability Group Commands
 remoteBackup rb Manage Remote Backup Server

  Syntax: <command> -h