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lunacm Commands

lunacm hsm Commands

This command, and all the lunacm hsm commands, appear only when the current slot selected in lunacm is for a local HSM, like an installed Luna PCI-E.

HSM commands do not appear in the lunacm command menu when lunacm is directed at a slot corresponding to a remote Luna SA - lunacm has a client-only connection to a remote HSM and therefore cannot log in as SO to a remote HSM.

For Luna SA, the HSM commands are available via the Luna appliance's Luna Shell (lunash:>), which can be accessed via ssh if you have the required authentication.

lunacm:> hsm -h

  The following sub commands are available:


Command        Short    Description
init i    Initialize HSM  
  "lunacm hsm init Command" 
recoveryinit ri    High Availability Initialize HSM
(not related to load balancing)  
  "lunacm hsm recoveryinit Command" 
recoverylogin rl    High Availability Login
(not related to load balancing)  
  "lunacm hsm recoverylogin Command" 
login logi    Login to HSM as SO  
  "lunacm hsm Commandslunacm hsm login Command" 
logout logo    Logout from HSM as SO  
  "lunacm hsm logout Command" 
migratePedKey mig    Migrate a PED Key from a legacy HSM  
  "lunacm hsm migratepedkey command" 
showinfo si   

Get HSM information
"lunacm hsm showinfo Command" 

showpolicies sp    Get HSM policy information  
  "lunacm hsm showpolicies Command" 
changeHSMPolicy changeHP    Change HSM Policy value  
  "lunacm hsm changePw Command" 
changeSOPolicy changeSP    Change SO Policy value  
  "lunacm hsm changeSOPolicy Command" 
changePw changePw    Change HSM SO password  
  "lunacm hsm changePw Command" 
contents con    Show contents of the SO's partition  
  "lunacm hsm contents command" 
clear clr    Delete all of the SO's token objects  
  "lunacm hsm clear Command" 
updateFW uf    Update HSM Firmware  
  "lunacm hsm updateFW Command" 
rollbackFW   rb    Rollback HSM Firmware  
  "lunacm hsm rollbackFW Command" 
updateCap uc    Update HSM Capabilities  
  "lunacm hsm updateCap Command" 
reset rese    Reset the HSM  
  "lunacm hsm reset Command" 
factoryReset f    Factory Reset the HSM  
  "hsm factoryReset Command" 
restoreSIM2   rSIM2    Restore SO objects (using SIM2)  
  "lunacm hsm restoreSIM2 Command" 
restoreUser   ru    Restore User  
  "lunacm hsm restoreUser Command" 
clone clo    Clone SO objects
  "lunacm hsm clone Command"
smkClone   smk    Clone the SMK object  
  "hsm smkClone Command" 
setLegacyDomain sld    Set Legacy Domain
  "hsm setLegacyDomain Command" 
showmechanism   showm    Show all mechanisms 
  "lunacm hsm showmechanism Command"